Frequently asked questions

How does the payment work?

Payments are to be made in upfront. Monthly fees are billed on an annually basis. Contact us for alternative payment methods.

Are taxes included?

All prices are without taxes. 19% VAT applies for German or non-VAT-registered European companies apply. For all others no VAT is charged.

What if I refer someone?

As a thank you for a successful referral, you get an additional 3 months for your GLOQON Hotspot for free.

Is there a best-price guarantee?

In case you find within 14 days after purchase an equal and more economical solution, we match the price of the competitor, or give you your money back.

Can I get promotional material from GLOQON?

Would you like your own or co-branded promotional material? We can design and organize flyers, posters etc. Please contact us for that.

Can GLOQON fill in content for me?

In case you don't find time to fill your Hotspot with content, we can do that for you. We usually charge €199 for that service. We just need all information (pictures, flyers, hotel prospect etc.), which you want to have in your Hotspot, via e-mail. Please get in touch with us.

I would like to set the site as the splash page of my Wi-Fi network.

You can easily do that. Just let your network provider know about it, they will make the settings. If you need help or suggestions, we can offer you our own solutions.

Can I have my own developments?

We will take your wishes into consideration and make them available for everyone. If you want us to develop your very own elements for your GLOQON Hotspot, your own URL, or you are interested in a White Label, please get in touch with us.

Is there any discounts?

Please contact us for further information:
- Chains: We offer a discount for customers, who need 3 or more GLOQON Hotspots.
- Non-profit organisations: We offer discounts for non-profit organizations.
- Developing countries: We offer a discount for clients from developing countries.
- Back-links: 1 month for free/year, if you link to your GLOQON Hotspot from your website.

Can I stay in touch with my guests via the platform?

Yes, you can simply follow them or send a friend request and you will have them always in your contact list.

Can my guests get in touch with people nearby?

Yes, we give that option. You can undo this, but we recommend to give this opportunity since it is really valued by our users.

I am a business from another sector. Can I use the service?

Do you have a different business and are interested in a GLOQON Hotspot? Please get in touch with us.

Do you have a question or anything you want to tell us? Please contact us at any time.