About us

GLOQON was founded by two brothers in 2015. With their background in business and IT, they have been working on a number of IT projects.
They have been working in different businesses in the hospitality industry (hotels, hostels, campsites and restaurants), where they identified a need of a multifunctional and interactive platform for hosts and guests.
While studying and traveling all over the world, they found it also difficult to genuinely reach out to people and friends in the same area. During a strike of the public transportation, they were stuck only a short ride before their home, although dozens of cars were driving in the same direction. However, there was no instant way to reach out to them.
This was the moment when they decided to quit their jobs over night and developed GLOQON, with the vision to connect people and travelers in the same area and very same place. In the media GLOQON has often been described as a 'local Facebook'.

The brothers:


Co-founder and MSc in International Business Administration. Hopes, that friends find out they are in the same place, when being abroad by using GLOQON.

Co-founder and BA in Management, Communication & IT. Hopes not to be notified on GLOQON that there is a snake in his area.