Commercial terms

Valid since: 2015-12-01

Commercial services of GLOQON are exclusively for business customers. Private people are excluded from the use of chargeable services.

In order to use chargeable services, for which credit card or other payment details are required, the customer agrees to these commercial terms. These terms apply between users in the form of a natural or legal person and the GLOQON UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to GLOQON). Users acting on behalf of another, or legal person, confirm to be entitled to do so.


With the payment of commercial services of GLOQON, the user confirms to have the permission to use the payment information to complete the transaction. In case the payment of services has not been made already in the ordering process, the customer agrees to complete the payment immediately after the confirmation of the order and at the latest 14 days after, otherwise reminder fees may be charged. The payment details will be provided immediately after the order confirmation in order to complete the transaction.

Provision of services

Commercial services are activated shortly after receipt of payment and are then available for the entire period of contract. The purchaser will be informed about the activation of the service. GLOQON reserves the right to deny access to services. GLOQON assumes all ongoing costs of providing the services, such as server and web hosting.


The final price of commercial services will be displayed before completion of the transaction. Prices can be adjusted at any time. The user bears all costs arising from its financial institution, such as foreign exchange and transaction fees.


Prices shown are without VAT. For German companies, an additional 19% VAT applies, which they will get back from their tax office. If your business is a VAT-registered company within a EU country, specify your EU tax identification number, so that we don't charge VAT (reverse charge). If you are a non-VAT registered company in a EU country, we add VAT. For companies based outside the European Union, no VAT applies.

Incorrect payments

The customer immediately contacts GLOQON in case payments are not authorized, but no later than fourteen (14) days. GLOQON shall not be liable for failed or unauthorized payments.

Repetitive services and subscriptions

Recurring services (e.g. "Hotspots") are automatically renewed. In this case, the client receives before the end of service an invoice, which is to be paid within the payment period. For the automatic payment and renewal of chargeable services, the deposit of valid means of payment information are required, e.g. credit card. Payment information can be stored by GLOQON or third parties to ensure the process. It is the responsibility of the customer to replace invalid payment information, otherwise the respective service can no longer be provided.


The customer receives after the full completion of the payment an electronic invoice via e-mail, subject to availability of all necessary invoice data. Should an invoice be required in paper form, it has to be requested by e-mail. Third parties: GLOQON can use the services of third parties for the transaction process. Payment and billing information may be saved by GLOQON or its third party services under these terms.


GLOQON can block, restrict or deny access to commercial services at any time and without notice. GLOQON reserves the right to remove commercial content and other paid services without notice and without compensation. The customer confirms to use commercial services actively, otherwise the service may be removed. GLOQON cannot be held liable for that.

GLOQON Hotspots

The buyer of a GLOQON Hotspot is obliged to provide the service to its customers and to actively promote it, e.g. via flyers etc. The purchaser agrees to actively use the service and renew information in order to keep their customers and guests updated. The customer is solely responsible for the activities and information in the Hotspot and has to make sure to follow all applicable laws (e.g. Facebook Like Button. All claims for compensation shall be borne by the customer. If the customer chooses to show a "best price" button in the Hotspot, he automatically verifies, that this is true and no better offer can be found elsewhere.

Renewal and cancellation of contract

There is no right of withdrawal for the customer, but it is possible to cancel long-term services (e.g. "Hotspots") at any time up to 30 days before the expiration of the service period in written form (e.g. email). In this case the contract is not renewed and terminates with the end of the current service period. Otherwise, the contract is automatically renewed for another 365 days or the respective service period. GLOQON reserves the right not to renew contracts, especially when commercial services are not actively used by the customer.

Customer obligations

The customer is obliged to report problems and outages of services immediately to GLOQON. The access for non-authorized persons is not permitted. The transmission of a service to outsiders is not permitted without a written permission. The use of GLOQON for illegal and pornographic activities is prohibited. GLOQON is entitled to use the customer as a reference verbally and in written form. GLOQON is for that matter licensed to use name and logo of the customer free of charge in an appropriate form (e.g. on website). The customer agrees also to our terms of service.

Limitation of liability

GLOQON is not liable for any damage, loss of data or economic loss. GLOQON does not guarantee the availability, security, accuracy of the services and excludes all other warranties. Users purchase services at their own risk. A withdrawal is excluded. If the limitations of liability in these provisions do not apply under current law, those provisions are to be extended to the necessary degree to conform with applicable law. All other provisions retain their validity.


These provisions shall be applicable, unless a different agreement between the client and GLOQON is made. Litigations are to be handled according to German law and fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts in Munich, Germany.

GLOQON reserves the right to modify these provisions. The user will be notified about such changes in accordance with the legal provisions and can thereupon cancel the contract.

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