Hello World!

Connect with travelers, expats, nomads and friends around you!

Check out what's going on in your area and what people and your friends are doing nearby. You can offer something, ask questions and much more. Post something now and see what happens! ;-)



See what other travelers and people post in your area or publish something for others yourself. Select your radius freely.


You can use the app anywhere in the world, be it at home, in your current city or on vacation.


Connect with other people in the very same location (e.g. hotel, hostel or camping or venue). Details


Your data is safe and will be completely deleted upon request. Also GPS- and location-sharing is voluntary.

App & Website

You can use the app (coming soon) or also just access the platform via the website.

Real Life

Join now the social network that connects you with travelers, nomads and your friends in real life. Have fun! ;-)

Use Cases

Events & Nightlife

Tomorrow begins the food festival. Who is in?

The concert starts at 5pm! Free entry until 6pm!

Second hand

I am selling my GoPro camera. Does anyone want it?

Does anyone have cheap camping equipment to sell?

Activities & Meetings

A group of nomads goes hiking tomorrow. Who wants to join?

Who is up for a spontaneous BBQ by the river?


I am driving to the airport tomorrow morning. Who needs a lift?

We have to get to the city. Could anyone help?

Jobs & Money

Looking for 2 hardworking backpackers for the weekend - well paid!

We are looking for someone with IT skills!

Rent & Housing

One room available starting from next month. PM for details.

Does anyone have a couch I could crash on?

News & Updates

Warning! Again a speed check at the main intersection!

Does anyone know what the demonstration is about?

Help & Advice

What is a must-do in this town for 48 hours?

I am new in this city. Would anyone like to hang out?

Offers & Deals

The happy hour lasts until 8pm!

Lunch offer: 20% discount on all dishes until 3pm!

This & That

I'm on a short stopover. Where can you go out?

My bike got stolen! Did anyone see it?

Our Vision

Anyone in the world can reach out to travelers, digital nomads and people close by and in the very same place. GLOQON brings people together in real life and helps in all kind of situations. People can exchange information, ask questions, organize activities, offer something and much more.